Barrel Organs

These instruments are quite popular in The Netherlands; you’ll see them on the cities streets and hear them coming from a long way off. They’re usually accompanied by two or three men, one steering, moving and turning the wheel on the instrument while the others collect money from passers-by in old fashioned copper cans. These … Read more


Music Platforms POP. Herman Brood (Dutch dead musician, jumped off the roof of the Amsterdam Hilton) tattooed it on its arm, Iggy surnamed himself ‘POP’, and Michael was the ‘king of pop’, so what is it? That we call ‘pop’. According to most analysts, it means little more than popular, and that’s what it is, … Read more

The River

De Amstel The city is the city; you’ve got to love it for what it is, but what if the noise and the puzzle start to drive you crazy, and you have to get away from it all. The countryside around the city of Amsterdam provides you with quite a few possibilities to escape to, … Read more


Once in a while, we all get sick or injured. That’s not much fun, certainly not when you’re on holiday or away on a business trip in a foreign country. So we’ve compiled a list of Amsterdam’s main hospitals for you if you or someone else in your party needs medical treatment. There are many … Read more

The Out Market

Each year the Amsterdam politburo (out bureau) organizes an event called the uitmarkt (out market.) The word uit, or out, refers to the outside activities in the open air. The occurrence usually takes place at the end of August. The uitmarkt event celebrates the opening of the new cultural season. The locations on which the … Read more

Jordaan Festival

Het Jordaan festival is a three-day-long musical street party held every year in the Amsterdam Jordaan district. Before you read any further, I think it fair to mention that the festival is pretty much a Dutch affair with Dutch musicians singing in Dutch. A lot of it is nostalgia, remembering how it used to be, … Read more


The General Urban Expansion (AUP) was an urban development plan for expanding the city of Amsterdam. It was dreamed up in 1934, excepted by the Amsterdam town council in 1935 and approved by the crown in 1939. It was mostly implemented after a short interlude called WW2. The plan proved to be the basis of … Read more

Muider Castle

Out of over 2.000 castles that The Netherlands once had, we have only about 300 left. The most famous one being Het Muiderslot. Muiden is the town it stands at, and slot is in Dutch, another word for Kasteel, which corresponds to the English word castle. Slot literally means “lock.” Muiden lies, like Volendam on … Read more


The high German and Portuguese Synagogues Following the literal tekst on the Canon of Amsterdam Amsterdam has always been receivable tolerant towards Jews; if you spend any time on the Canon, you’ll notice that there wasn’t much persecution. They were allowed to build synagogues wherever they wanted and were able to practice any profession. The … Read more

Wester Tower

The 85 meters tall Wester tower in Amsterdam is the tower of 1631 completed Wester church, near the, how else could it be, the Western market. The church was built beside a cemetery in use since 1620. Many natives of Amsterdam consider the Wester tower to be the pearl of the Jordaan or the centre … Read more