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Amsterdam maps refer to visual representations or graphical depictions of the city of Amsterdam and its various aspects, often used for navigation, exploration, and informational purposes.

In this guide, I’ve curated a collection of essential maps to enhance your Amsterdam adventure. From shopping districts to tranquil parks, transportation networks to airport terminals, each map is a key to unlocking a different facet of Amsterdam’s allure.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned explorer, join us on this map-guided journey to uncover the secrets of Amsterdam.


Amsterdam City Map

The Amsterdam City Map is a graphical representation or visual guide that provides an overview of the entire city of Amsterdam. It typically includes details of major districts, neighbourhoods, landmarks, and key points of interest.

This map serves as a comprehensive resource for residents and tourists, offering a broader perspective of Amsterdam’s layout and helping individuals navigate and explore various parts of the city.

Download Amsterdam City Map

Amsterdam Centre Map

The Amsterdam Centre Map is a graphical representation or visual guide that focuses on the central area of Amsterdam. It typically includes details such as major streets, neighborhoods, and prominent landmarks within the city center.

This map serves as a handy resource for residents and visitors looking to navigate and explore the heart of Amsterdam, providing essential information for orientation and exploration in this bustling part of the city.

Download Amsterdam Centre Map

Vondelpark Map

The Vondelpark map is a visual representation or graphical depiction specifically designed to navigate and explore Vondelpark, Amsterdam’s most famous and expansive city park.

This map typically includes details of walking paths, green spaces, recreational facilities, and points of interest within the park, making it a valuable resource for visitors looking to enjoy outdoor activities and discover the park’s features.

Download The Vondelpark Map

Amsterdam Shopping Guide/Map

The Amsterdam Shopping Guide/Map is a resource designed to help visitors explore shopping destinations in Amsterdam. It includes a map highlighting shopping districts, streets, and stores, along with information on the types of shops available.

This guide offers details on the locations of popular shopping areas and descriptions of these districts, making it a valuable tool for tourists and shoppers looking to navigate Amsterdam’s shopping scene.

Download The Amsterdam Shopping Guide/Map

Amsterdam Parking Zones Map

The Amsterdam parking zones map is a graphical representation or visual guide that provides information about the various parking zones within the city of Amsterdam.

This map typically highlights different parking areas, their respective regulations, and associated rates, serving as a helpful resource for individuals looking to park their vehicles and understand the parking conditions in Amsterdam.

Download Amsterdam Parking Zones Map

Park and Ride Map

The Park and Ride (P&R) Map is a visual guide or graphical representation that highlights the locations of Park and Ride facilities in Amsterdam.

These facilities are designed for motorists to park their vehicles on the outskirts of the city and then use public transportation to reach the city centre.

The map typically provides information on the P&R locations, public transit connections, and pricing details, helping individuals plan their journeys and save on parking fees while exploring Amsterdam.

Download P+R Map

Schiphol Airport Departures Map

The Schiphol Airport Departures Map is a graphical representation or visual guide designed to assist travellers departing from Schiphol Airport, one of the busiest international airports in Europe.

This map typically provides detailed information about the airport’s terminals, departure gates, essential facilities, and services available for departing passengers.

It serves as a valuable resource to help travellers navigate the airport efficiently and find their way to their departure gates and related amenities.

Downlaod Schiphol Airport Departures Map

Schiphol Airport Arrivals Map

The Schiphol Airport Arrivals Map is a visual guide or graphical representation specifically created to aid travelers who are welcoming arriving passengers at Schiphol Airport, a major international airport in the Netherlands.

This map typically displays essential information about the arrivals area, including baggage claim locations, customs facilities, and transportation options for those greeting arriving passengers.

It serves as a useful tool to help individuals navigate the airport and assist those they are meeting with a smooth arrival process.

Download Schiphol Airport Arrivals Map

Amsterdam Rail Map

The Amsterdam Rail Map is a visual guide or graphical representation specifically designed to assist commuters and tourists in navigating Amsterdam’s extensive rail network.

This map typically displays train stations, tram lines, and metro routes within the city, making it a valuable resource for individuals using public transportation to get around Amsterdam efficiently.

Download Amsterdam Rail Map