Shopping on Sundays, Yes, You Can!

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Daneel Bouden

Amsterdam recently became designated a tourist area. This means that shops can choose to open up on Sundays and holidays, except for Good Friday, Christmas eve, and the 4th of May, which is memorial day. Opening hours on this particular day of the week are between 6 am and 10 pm. Of course, most shops in the outlying areas remain firmly shut as few people choose to make use of this new Sunday opportunity. In the centre of town, however, where most tourists hang out, things are different. Here you’ll find most establishments eager to sell you their wares and receive your cash in return. Supermarkets such as Albert Hein and Dirk van der Broek are open throughout the city but close at eight.

Amsterdamm’s favorite shopping streets are:

The Kalverstraat
Sunday ShoppingNieuwendijk/ korte Nieuwendijk
Damrak/ Rokin
Dam square/ Magna Plaza
P.C. Hooftstraat
Spiegelstraat/ Spiegelkwartier
van Baerlestraat/ Museumkwartier
Haarlemmerstraat/ Haarlemmerdijk
De nine streets and the tenth one
Damstraat/ Oude Hoogstraat

Home furnishing shops in and around Amsterdam are:

(woon = living, meubel = furniture)
Woonboulevard Cruquis
Meubelboulevard Diemen
Woonboulevard Purmerend
Woonboulevard Zaandam
Villa Arena Amsterdam
Woonboulevard De Klaproos, Amsterdam

Shopping centres in Amsterdam are:

Amsterdamse Poort
Boven ‘t Y
Magna Plaza
Plein ’40 – ’45

Other large department stores are Blokker, C & A, Vroom & Dreesman and the Hema