Shopping in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has over 10.000 shops, 300 galleries as well as a lot of antique stores and 27 markets, Amsterdam is a great place to shop. As it is also home to many different nationalities and cultures there’s no lack of diversity either. There are large department stores and shopping centres, and of course, you’ve got … Read more

Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Soft drugs can be purchased in Holland by anyone who looks like or can prove to be over 18. The drugs can only be bought at shops that bear the name coffeeshop and can sell this ware. However, this is about to change if the government has its way; it wants “customers” to obtain a … Read more

Canon of Amsterdam

A canon is something you should see as a source of inspiration but also as an overview of what has taken place in the past. Also, a few relationships have come to light on some events that have in the past been understated. Now, for all those who are still thinking we are talking about … Read more

Amsterdam Marathon

The Amsterdam marathon takes place every third Sunday in October. If you’d like to participate, it’s possible to register online. Besides the regular marathon, you can also choose to run half of one or a mini-marathon, and there are two other runs available as well. The course of a marathon is 42,195 kilometres long. The … Read more

Amsterdam, Diamond Town

Diamond is really nothing more than a carbon compound, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful or rare and therefore desired and valuable. Diamond is used as jewelry but also in drilling as it is one of the hardest substances on earth. Raw diamonds are cut and polished to create that sparkling shine that … Read more

The Blaeu Firm Mapmakers

An atlas was sold last year in Amsterdam. On the second of October 2010, an atlas made by Joan Blaeu was sold for the record sum of 330.000 euros. The book in question is called ‘Toonneel der steden van de Vereenighde Nederlanden met hare beschijvingen’ (Sequence of the cities of the United Netherlands and its … Read more

Alteration in Amsterdam, when? In 1578

The word alteration means change, and in 1578, things changed in Amsterdam; the city finally sided with the protestants in the war with Spain. Finally, because the war had been going on for at least 10 years, many other cities had already joined in the uprising against the King of Spain but not Amsterdam. On … Read more

Dam Square or De Dam As The Dutch Call It

Dam Square is the best-known square of The Netherlands, it’s the heart of the city of Amsterdam, and there’s always something going on there, it’s the favourite place for demonstrators and street artist’s choice theatre. Bands play during the summer months, concerts are held there, Christians do street theatre, fairs are held, beach soccer tournaments … Read more

City Beaches

I think Paris was the first city that came up with creating a few idyllic beaches along the river Seine. Of course, you’re not allowed to swim there, but still, a beach is mostly to lie on, and while some scoff, others are thrilled to bits. However, a new phenomenon has come into this world, … Read more

SAIL Amsterdam

SAIL Amsterdam is, without a doubt, the largest reoccurring happening in The Netherlands. And that’s not all; it’s also the greatest nautical event in all of Europe. It’s been held eight times now; the last time was in 2010. It’s held every 5 years on het IJ, the largest waterway of the city that splits … Read more