The Amsterdam Pole 1.000.000 times

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Daneel Bouden

Since the beginning of the seventies, these peculiar poles known as ‘Amsterdammertjes’ are being produced. This does not occur in Amsterdam as you might think but in Zelhem, near the German border.
Amsterdammertje, 1 miljoen keer
The 1 millionth Amsterdammertje!
Mayor Henk Aalderink of Bronckhorst (municipality Zelhem) handed over to the city mayor of der Laan the 1 millionth copy of this rather peculiar pole we people of this city have learned to hate.
Mr Aalderink ‘made’ this specimen himself at the factory under his jurisdiction.

However, there seem to be fewer and fewer of them obstructing your pathway in the city, so I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. It was local counsellor Guusje ter Horst who decided they should be removed from the city’s streets.

Obviously, Guusje failed. Let’s assume by analyzing the actions of Mayor v\d Laan that the infamous pole is making a comeback, even though it’s no longer Amsterdam that orders them but other cities that find their use beneficial. Of course, the famous weapon of Amsterdam engraved on them (the three crosses of Saint Andrew) will have to be replaced with one of their own.