The Out Market

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Daneel Bouden

Each year the Amsterdam politburo (out bureau) organizes an event called the uitmarkt (out market.) The word uit, or out, refers to the outside activities in the open air. The occurrence usually takes place at the end of August. The uitmarkt event celebrates the opening of the new cultural season.

The locations on which the festivities take place vary from one year to the other, but what you’re really curious about now is what actually happens during these celebrations, unless, of course, you already know.

Ok, there’ll be concerts, there’ll be theatre, there’ll be literary contributions, bookstands, and a junior version of it all in Vondelpark. And then there’s the Fringe festival, a mobile podium featuring live art, music, theatre, dancing and lots more, all performed with the level of energy only the young can provide, and there’ll be dozens of them performing.

The Uitmarkt is meant to leave you with a taste of what the coming cultural season will bring us in the way of theatre, film, concerts and other arty activities. As for me? I love football, football and beer.

The festivities of the Uitmarkt in 2011 will probably take place on Dam square, the Nieuwmarkt and the Music Theatre. The final decisions on this have not yet been made.