The Flower Auction of Aalsmeer (FloraHolland)

If you say Aalsmeer, you say flowers; many tourists feel they cannot leave it out of their itinerary. They must go there. Flowers are big business in The Netherlands, we are famous for our tulips but believe me that not all there is to see. Bloemenveiling AalsmeerThe Aalsmeer flower auction is a part of FloraHolland. The Auction itself is a marketplace where buyers and sellers and knowl and knowledge are, and the venue, the world market price of flowers and plants, is determined.

The company has six branches, and they are in Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg, Venlo, Bleiswijk and Eelde. They also have a nationally operating arbitration department as well as one on import. They employ almost 5.000 people.

FloraHolland is the largest flower auction facility globally, and not only flowers, plants as well. It supplies more than 90% of the Dutch turnover.
FloraHolland is a co-operation. That means that its 5000 employees own it and that the employees finalize decisions regarding the business by way of voting.

Should You Visit? Why not? It’s fun!
FloraHolland Aalsmeer would love for you to drop by and visit. The visitors centre lies six meters above the auction room floor, so you’ll have a perfect overview and don’t get in anyone’s way. You know how that is!
Information and explanation are given by way of audio equipment and folders in several languages. Great for multi-lingual groups.

Sales do still take place by making use of the old fashioned auction clocks.