The Netherlands is Doing Good Work to Beat The Coronavirus: RIVM

As the number of people who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 rises, and summer is getting warmer, the coronavirus infection numbers are going down. This is good news for the Netherlands. The director of Infectious Disease Control at the RIVM, Jaap van Dissel, said that he was optimistic about the fight against Covid-19 in the Netherlands.

Wallinga and Van Dissel say that infection numbers have been going down because more people are being vaccinated against Covid-19. They say that if no one was getting the vaccine, then almost all of the progress would not be there.

The fact that more people are getting vaccinated is making the number of people who can get the coronavirus to go down very quickly. It’s happening faster than if they were just getting it naturally.

Van Dissel is hopeful about how vaccines work. He says that they protect older people reasonably well against illnesses, but especially against getting sick in the hospital and dying.

There are clear differences in the number of coronavirus infections between seasons. The reason for these differences is not completely understood. Maybe it has to do with temperature changes or people going outside more in the summer.

The head of RIVM warns that we need to keep an eye on the variant of the coronavirus. The Ministry of Health did put a quarantine in place for travellers coming from the UK because there was a lot of this variant in England.

“The situation in England worries me,” Wallinga said. “But it is difficult to know what will happen with this problem in the Netherlands. The situation is not as bad here.”