FC Ajax


Ajax is Mokum but is Mokum also Ajax? In other words, how important is Ajax to the average citizen of this city? Do they really care about who the coach is, whether the team wins or not and how many trophies they won? Like we said before if Ajax wins, the team is worshipped; if … Read more

The Amsterdam Pole 1.000.000 times

The Amsterdam Pole

Since the beginning of the seventies, these peculiar poles known as ‘Amsterdammertjes’ are being produced. This does not occur in Amsterdam as you might think but in Zelhem, near the German border. The 1 millionth Amsterdammertje! Mayor Henk Aalderink of Bronckhorst (municipality Zelhem) handed over to the city mayor of der Laan the 1 millionth … Read more

Rembrandt of Rijn 15th July 1606 – 4th October 1669

Rembrandt of Rijn

Rembrandt disliked going to school but loved painting and everything about it. He took an apprenticeship with a history painter called Jacob of Swanenburgh from Leiden and served with him from 1619 until 1622. In 1625 he moved to Amsterdam, where he took up another apprenticeship with Pieter Lastman. He opened up a gallery in … Read more

Living in Amsterdam is Cool


It seems like that if you’re young and working or studying in Amsterdam that you must also live there. Living in Amsterdam is cool. Exciting etc. But to live somewhere, including in this city, means you need a pad, a flat, an apartment or at least a room and finding a place to live in … Read more

Getting Married in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a romantic city, not so much during the winter months but in spring when all the trees on our famous canals start to sprout leaves again, the city can become quite endearing. These same canals house quite a few wedding venues. There’s just something about getting driven to your wedding location by horse-drawn … Read more

The Hunger

hunger winter

It seemed to be only a matter of time before the German occupation would end in 1944, morale was down among its soldiers, and that got worse each coming day. Nazi leadership was beginning to crack, the once supreme war machine was running out of fuel, literally and figuratively, and Hitler no longer trusted his … Read more

Plan South


Plan South made a clean break with all traditional forms of housing construction. An architect by the name of H.P. Berlage designed an urban extension plan that would include many green. It would contain sleek, modern-looking building blocks of affordable social housing. The facades of the houses would be adorned with designs of art, especially … Read more

Volendam & Edam

To the Dutch, Volendam is primarily a town of music, bands and musicians, some of whom became famous, like The Cats and BZN, who had international hit songs. For you tourist, visitor or reader, its musical aspect won’t be all that important. Volendam is a village, traditionally a fishing village. Together with its sister village … Read more

Artis, The Zoo

Artis, The Amsterdam Zoo

The Amsterdam zoo covers a large area and is surrounded by suburbia on most sides. Its main entrance is on the Plantage Kerklaan. Natura Artis Magistra, the Latin name of the zoo, or in plain English ‘nature is the instructor of the arts’, dates back to 1838. The institution obtained the right to add “Royal” … Read more