Five “Park and Ride” Parking Facilities in Amsterdam

These are the Five ‘Park and Ride’ parking facilities in Amsterdam:

  1. P+R ArenA Transferium Burgemeester Stramanweg 130, 1101 EP Amsterdam; at the Ajax Arena stadium, capacity: 500, at freeways A9 and A2, exit Transferium; take either the train or the metro from Bijlmer station into the city, metro lines 54, 50.
  2. P+R Bos en Lommer, Leeuwendalersweg 23b, 1055 JE Amsterdam, near the S104 exit from the A10 ring road. This car park is open from 7 am to 10 pm. You may leave the lot with your car at any time 24/7; take tram 14; bus 15, 21, 80, 82, 247, 315, 352 and metro 50 into the city centre of Amsterdam.
  3. Stadion (Olympic Stadium), Olympisch Stadion 44, 1076 DE Amsterdam; capacity: 250; located at ring road the A10, exit S108; take tram 16, 24 into the city centre, this parking lot also has free bicycles to for you to use (up to two bikes per car – your ID will be required).
  4. P+R Sloterdijk, Piarcoplein 1, 1043 DW Amsterdam, at Sloterdijk train station, capacity: 200; freeway A10 exit S102; take the train from the Sloterdijk station, metro 50, bus 48, tram 12; this parking lot has also free bicycles to lend (up to two bikes per car – your ID will be required).
  5. P+R Zeeburg, Zuiderzeeweg 46 1095 KJ Amsterdam; at Piet Heintunnel, capacity:250, from A10 exit S114, take tram: 26, bus 37, 245. into the city centre of Amsterdam