The Exchange Bank

The Amsterdam Exchange Bank

Why this subject was chosen is beyond me, and it’s not the first time I’m confronted with this feeling as far as the chosen subjects on the Canon are concerned. It’s easy to be critical, actually criticizing is one of the things we Dutch do best. Nevertheless, there must be better subjects available. Why do … Read more

Walls of Amsterdam

amsterdamse poort

If you’re afraid you hide, preferably behind something, a wall is a great place to hide behind; underground is even better, but it’s easier to build something above ground than dig underground. During the middle ages, when people became afraid of their distant or not so distant neighbours, they build walls around their cities. Artillery … Read more



Suppose you’re looking for some peace or feel the need to give your body some rigorous exercise. Driving a bicycle out of the city around the nearby countryside can be quite a refreshing experience. You’ll see so much more than when you take the car. There are all kinds of cute villages around the city … Read more

Anne Frank

anne frank

Annelies Marie Frank was born on the 12th of June 1929 in Frankfurt am Main, a city in Germany not too far from the Dutch border. Her father’s name was Otto Frank, and her mother’s Edith, Anne, had an older sister called Margo. The Franks had lived in Frankfurt for generations; Anne’s mother Edith came … Read more

Public Transport / Transport in Amsterdam

Transport in Amsterdam

When you’re planning to come to Amsterdam by car, it is recommendable to look at the city’s parking policies. First, parking in Amsterdam is time-consuming and expensive. The local government actively discourages driving and does this mainly by limiting parking space and charging exorbitant fees. Now don’t panic. There are a few ways to get … Read more

The Red Light District

red light district

What’s more well known about Amsterdam than its famous red-light district? Perhaps the coffee shops but the first one only opened its doors in 1973 when prostitution was already well established in Amsterdam’s most notorious district. The Wallen (the walls) is the common name given to several streets and canals in one of the oldest … Read more

Origins of Amsterdam

Amsterdam originated where Amstel entered into the Zuiderzee (South Sea), now known as the IJsselmeer (Ijssel lake). This occurred around the year 1000 AD; Amsterdam was little more than a wetland then. It was called Aemestelle and was part of the bishopric of Utrecht. We found coins, but where are the Romans? Although some Roman … Read more

1938 Ships Build in the North of Amsterdam

Once the North Sea canal was established, the other side of Amsterdam (The North) became the city’s new shipbuilding centre. All of a sudden, that part of Amsterdam started to matter. The best-known ship builds on its yards was undoubtedly the Oranje, the fastest passenger ship of its day. The Oranje was launched in (1938) … Read more

Bank Hope & Co

Hope keizersgracht

If there’s trading there is money and if there’s money there’s a bank. When trading money became just as important as trading goods some trading houses changed their objective. Some specialized themselves in financing trade by way of providing loans, not only that but they even invested currency in places far away, across the nation’s … Read more

The Flower Auction of Aalsmeer (FloraHolland)


If you say Aalsmeer, you say flowers; many tourists feel they cannot leave it out of their itinerary. They must go there. Flowers are big business in The Netherlands, we are famous for our tulips but believe me that not all there is to see. The Aalsmeer flower auction is a part of FloraHolland. The … Read more